Review Policy

I will gladly accept books for review from both publishers and self-published authors. 
Genre's that will appeal to me are as follows:

  • Anything under YA Fiction such as; paranormal, contemporary, romance, fantasy, crime, horror, coming of age and mystery etc. 
  • Under Adult Fiction such as; crime, thriller, horror, fantasy, mystery, chick lit and historical fiction. 

I am also interested in non-fiction and informational books such as books about religion and spirituality. I will not accept books for review in ebook or any other computer document format however I will accept books in the form of audiobook, paperback etc. 

If I choose to accept and review your book I will post a review on my Youtube channel, my blog - Emma Hearts Books - and Goodreads.

Please contact me at if you wish to send me a book for review. You can also contact me on Twitter;

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