Sunday, 30 June 2013

ACID (Emma Pass) Review

My first thoughts upon finishing ACID? WOW, what a rollercoaster ride!

ACID boasts a badass cover with a badass main character which I loved, I have grown so weary of YA books that only seem to contain weak damsels in distress so this was very refreshing indeed.

We are introduced to Jenna Strong in prison for supposedly murdering her parents at age 15. The books starts off when Jenna is 17 and incarcerated and within the first couple of pages we realise she is no wallflower she kicks the asses of fully grown men and knows how to look after herself. ACID is literally action packed from the get go and it doesn't stop until the very end. It was exciting, frustrating, energetic and horrifying.

I liked Jenna as a character she had many different layers and she felt realistic to me, I also really liked the budding relationship between Jenna and Max I felt as though looking out for him matured and softened her a lot.

I also LOVED the writing style in this book it was perfect and sucked me into the book completely. There are plenty of twists and turns and just when you feel as though things are going a certain way something would happen that would take the book in a totally new direction.

There were some parts of this book that I didn't feel were relevant or necessary to the storyline, I feel as though maybe this book had TOO MANY plot twists. I feel that the ideas were there but maybe they weren't fleshed out as much as I would've liked them to be. A lot of questions were created throughout this book and I can't honestly say we are given enough satisfactory answers.

That being said I did really enjoy this book and gave it 5 stars although there was something about it that just prevented me from falling totally in love with it.

The end of the book does hint on that perhaps there will be a sequel but I really hope the author decides against writing one as I feel that maybe the story has been stretched out enough as it is.